• ‘New title’ : Show/Configure presentation title (see)
  • : Add slide to presentation. ( see)
  • : Switch to search.
  • : Switch to viewer.
  • : File Menu (New, Open, Save, Save as..., Quit)

Edit presentation title

  • Click on ‘New title’ to show the edit dialog, press ‘Enter’ to validate.
Edit title

Add new slide

To add new slide :

  • Left click on icon.
  • The file explorer appear : select the file you want to add as a slide by double clicking on it.
Adding slide
  • The slide is added to the presentation view and a dialog appear.
Adding slide
  • Enter slide informations and validate by pressing Enter.

Edit slide

  • Double click on the slide to show the edit dialog.

Show slide informations

  • Click on to show/hide slide informations.

Remove slide

Left click on slide, drag it on a corner of the screen and drop it, it should be removed from presentation.

Re-order slides

  • Drag-and-drop the slide where you want it to be.
  • Order is from top left to bottom right.




Search menu bar
  • Click on app icon on the left : go back to editor.
  • Click on dropdown menu on the right : select search engine.

Search for a picture

  • Type your request in the text input box under the menubar and validate by pressing Enter
  • : show next page of results.
  • : show previous page of results.

Add picture as slide to presentation

  • Click on the picture you want to add to make appear a dialog showing a slightly better image (depending on the source).
  • Click on Add to presentation to begin download.


Hadaly always tries to download the best image quality.

  • Once download is finished, slide is automatically added to presentation with metadata extracted from the source if available.



Move slide:

Left click on slide and drag it around the screen.

Zoom in or out:

  • Zoom with mouse wheel.
  • Or use two finger touch emulation with right click (a red dot appear):
Viewer zoom
  • Maintain left click and drag cursor to zoom in or out. If a portion of the slide is out of sight, a small thumbnail will appear at the bottom left :

Switch to editor:

Double click on top left corner of the screen.

Switch to next or previous slide:

Left click and swipe left or right.

Switch to ‘x’ slide:

Double click on bottom right corner of the screen and select slide:

Viewer zoom

Compare current slide with another one:

  • Double click on center of the screen and select slide:
Viewer zoom
  • Compare mode in action:
Viewer zoom
  • Double click on center of the screen to remove compared slide.

Draw on slide:


When drawing is activated it is not possible to move the slide. You can only scale it with mouse wheel.

  • Click on icon in bottom left corner.
  • Icon should change to and toolbar should appear.
Viewer toolbar
  • You can now draw on the slide.
Viewer toolbar
  • To delete drawings, click on .

Change tool color:

  • Click on to show the color picker
Viewer toolbar
  • Select color by clicking on the color wheel or by entering RGBA informations.
  • Click out of the dialog to close it.

Increase/Decrease tool thickness

  • Move the slider of the toolbar to the right to increase line size (Mouse wheel also works).


‘F1’ : Show options panel.

Viewer zoom


  • Ctrl-e : Enter drawing mode.
  • Ctrl-d : Delete drawings.
  • Left : Go to previous slide.
  • Right : Go to next slide.